Ten Reasons to Hire An Amy

A hardy sea-captain, searching for buried jobs.

A hardy sea-captain, searching for buried jobs.

So you’re in the market for some young creative professional to come and shine their personal light in your workplace? Why not consider an Amy? Here are ten reasons an Amy could be the exact thing you never knew you needed!

1. She always keeps snacks in her desk.

2. Her love affair with social media means she is always hot on the steps on new trends, apps and updates. She uses them as both a marketer and a consumer.

3. Ten years in the customer service industry, in call centres, hospitality and admin roles, has left Amy with an understanding and love of people-based positions, not bitter as one might think.

4. She co-owns a food and wine review blog and is always looking for people to join her in tasting and judging their way around the lovely Adelaide’s hot spots. Check out the work they’re doing here!

5. Years of MSN Messenger means she can type at the speed of lightning. Other skills related to high school procrastination include Microsoft Office, online research and baking.

6. Her attitude is often borderline suspicious in its child-like positivity. It can be contagious.

7. She will never complain about being the one to get the coffees, remove the spider or input page upon page of data.

8. Her spare time is spent creating blogs (rather like this one) and joining Adelaide-based online communities. She is a digital super-fan.

9. She is a connoisseur of socks.

10. She is constantly looking for new challenges. When one comes along, she gets excited, and is forever hungry to conquer the next project, book, and with your help, job role!

Such a variety of useful and irreplaceable talents could only come from an Amy, so don’t hesitate! Hire an Amy for your business today!